Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy (Special Edition)

by Mixtaped Monk & Cousin Silas



There is music that can make you want to dance. There is music that can make you happy or emotional, and sometimes even sad. But in a very niche corner of the musical spectrum dwells a type of music that can make you visualize your own story while listening to it. “Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy,” a split album by Indian music producer Arka Sengupta aka Mixtaped Monk and British ambient music legend Cousin Silas, is a record that falls into that very musical spectrum.
Bordering around ambient, post-rock and experimental music, the album blends ambient and cinematic music sensibilities of Cousin Silas with the experimental-minded post-rock sensibilities of
Mixtaped Monk. The cinematic nature of the album, when listened to as a whole, can trigger your mind to imagine your own fantasy world and play out a story in it while the album acts as its soundtrack.

"Mixtaped Monk and Silas have created a wonderland for the senses. Close your eyes and allow each layer created by them to permeate through to your synapses. Collaborating is not an easy task, made even more difficult when artists live in different cities. Mixtaped Monk and Silas have managed to succeed at this task and have created a great album." ~ Echoes And Dust

"The sensitivity between Mixtaped Monk and Cousin Silas allows 'Soundtrack To Your Own Fantasy' to appeal to different styles and moods without drifting into a kitschy sentimentality. The album can thus be an intense companion of the thoughts or a restrained addition. And with wonderful tracks such as "Remembering Days" or "Wandering" you can imagine yourself very quickly in a brightly shining intermediate world - full of warmth and togetherness." ~ ARTNOIR

"If your fantasy contains stories about fairies, elves, dark and mysterious lands, this album could indeed be a perfect soundtrack." ~ Merchants Of Air.

Drifting, Almost Falling:


released July 28, 2017

All compositions and music: Mixtaped Monk and Cousin Silas
All songs mastered by Mixtaped Monk
Album art designed by Mixtaped Monk



all rights reserved


Mixtaped Monk India

Mixtaped Monk is a one man DIY music project by Arka Sengupta that borders around Ambient, Post-Rock, Electronic, Downtempo and Experimental music.

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